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Stop the Illegal Trade of Protected Species

4 August 2015
Stop the Illegal Trade of Protected Species it’s not only the title of an article, it is also the name of a ...

Why is herpetofauna declining?

18 March 2014
Biodiversity is unfortunately declining all over the world. Amphibians and reptiles are considered to be some ...

33 most famous myths and superstitions on reptiles and amphibians in Romania

11 March 2014
Ever since the oldest times, before science developed enough to explain ordinary things, people have tried to ...

Slow worm (Anguis colchica)

27 November 2016
The slow worm is a limbless elongated lizard. It is the only limbless lizard species in Romania and it can be ...

Grass snake (Natrix natrix)

4 July 2016
It is one of the most ubiquitous snake species, both in Romania and Europe. [2, 3, 6] [caption id="attachme...

Dice snake (Natrix tessellata)

16 May 2016
It is a widely encountered species both in Europe and in Romania, reported from the sea level to the altitude ...

Snake poetry – By Vasile Voiculescu

29 November 2014
Sorry, this entry is only available in Română....

The history of herpetological research in Romania

3 July 2014
The first scientific relatation on the snake fauna in Romania was made by Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli (1658-1730...

Ion E. Fuhn – Biography

19 March 2014
Ion E. Fuhn was born on 5 February 1916 in Bucharest, in a family of merchants owning a small store on Lipscan...